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Corporate Training Program

Corporate Training Program is a unique chance to gain practical experience with Quad/Graphics, one of the leading printing companies in Europe.

This intensive training program lasts from one to maximum three years and is dedicated to talented university graduates. Trainees are exposed to many different aspects of the printing business. They complete rotations in manufacturing and administrative departments, spending at least a couple of weeks in each. They can create their own projects and choose the type of tasks they want to specialize in.

The Corporate Training Program is a leadership development program with “Total Access - No Limits,” providing total access to everything from state-of-the-art technology to top-level executives, and no limit to where Trainees can go and what they may achieve. The Corporate Training Program is a reflection of Quad/Graphics’ innovative corporate culture, where each employee is encouraged to grow via on-the-job experience, classroom education, and through relationships with employees company-wide.

To be the best, we are committed to hiring the “best of the best.” That is why we established our Corporate Training Program. We expect nothing less of Corporate Trainees than complete dedication to creating success – for themselves, for our company and for our clients. We are looking for young innovative and passionate people regardless of background. Personal qualities, skills and competencies are most important. You will need to prove that you have them, rather than providing certificates for any specific qualifications or experience.

A proven model

Our program is built on a very successful program developed by Quad/Graphics in the U.S. Alumni proudly serve Quad/Graphics in Account Management, Customer Service, Estimating, Marketing, Operations, Scheduling and Sales. Trainee alumni are now managers, plant managers, and regional, senior and corporate vice presidents. Even Quad/Graphics CEO is a former trainee!

Training Program summary:

  • program duration: 12 – 36 months
  • designed for young university graduates (technical and economic faculties)
  • very good English skills
  • excellent communication skills;
  • team player.

Information on ongoing recruitment is published at the Career section of our website.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: