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Corporate social responsibility

Quad Europe prides itself on being a socially responsible company. We provide safe and friendly working conditions and support local business and communities in the region. We use modern technologies and production processes to ensure that our activities do not harm the environment.

Friendly workplace

The basic principle of Quad Europe is respect for our employees, caring for their safety and providing a friendly place of work. Every day we support their basic needs, while offering them the possibility of continuous improvement and development.

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Local community

We respect the environment in which we operate. We support the local community and business development in our region. We are committed to work with schools and social institutions on the events of importance for the inhabitants of the surrounding municipalities.

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We care about the environment, not only with efficient production processes but also through the use of renewable energy and, in the choice of suppliers who conform to similar rules. We save energy and raw materials to minimize the amount of waste and substances emitted into the atmosphere.

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