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Our commitment to the environment is maintained through modern, efficient technologies and production processes, as well as the selection of suppliers who conform to similar ideals. This not only allows us to conserve energy and materials, but also to minimize the amount of waste and substances emitted into the atmosphere.

How do we care for the environment at Quad/Graphics?

Green production

Green operations are part of the Quad/Graphics policy - they confirm our commitment to our community, our world and ourselves.

We use the latest technologies to prevent any adverse effects of our activity to the environment. Every year we reduce the quantity of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere and recycle more waste. With high-performance equipment and advanced technologies, we can now use less energy and less water.

Renewable energy

Quad/Graphics is the only printing house in Poland, and one of the first ones in this part of Europe, to use electricity entirely from renewable resources. Our printing houses in Wyszków use certified renewable energy supplied by the PGE - Polish Energy Group.

In addition, we re-use the thermal energy we generate for heating our water and office buildings.


In Quad/Graphics we use the most effective methods to prevent any negative impact on the environment, in accordance with standards and regulations. The printing processes in our company meet all the recommendations contained in the report by the European Commission, Directorate General for Environment, Nuclear Safety and Civil Protection for Industry (BAT).

ISO 14001

Quad/Graphics holds ISO 14001:2004 certification, which testifies the conformity of our Environmental Management System with strict international standards. Our activities in the area of the environmental protection are regularly monitored by external auditors.


Quad/Graphics holds the prestigious EU Ecolabel certificate, issued by the European Commission.

The EU Ecolabel is officially awarded in Europe to products with limited impact on the environment. In the case of Quad/Graphics, the certification regards printed paper products, such as catalogs, periodicals, brochures, news bulletins and books. Awarding of the certificate was preceded by a number of audits carried out by the Polish Center for Testing and Certification, which grants the EU Ecolabel in our country.

The requirements of the EU Ecolabel are similar to the certification criteria of the Nordic Swan or Austrian Ecolabel.


Quad/Graphics is PEFC and FSC® certified, which confirms our implementation of systems related to the protection of forest resources.

The essence of both certifications is to confirm that our wood is obtained as a result of responsible forestry. Quad/Graphics obtained COC (Chain-of-custody) certificates, intended for the wood industry. The COC certification requires the company to closely follow the recommendations in terms of certified raw materials in the manufacturing process, so that the final product can be marked with an appropriate label.

The FSC license number: FSC®-C084600

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