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Friendly workplace

Quad Europe values respect for our employees, caring for their safety and providing a friendly work environment as our most important principles.

Happy employees are the key to the success of Quad Europe which is why we provide staff with a safe and friendly place to work and support their growth and development within the company.

Safety at work

Safety at work

"Work wisely, be safe" is the motto of Quad Europe' employees in their daily work, both in production and administration. The safety training we provide goes far beyond what is legally required however we highly value the safety of our staff.

SAM (Safety Accountability Measurement) is our internal professional safety training program which greatly contributes to our outstanding level of health and safety here at Quad Europe.

We have an in-house medical emergency team (which includes firefighters and paramedics) who are fully trained in dealing with workplace accidents or evacuations.

Daily needs

Corporate buses are organised by Quad Europe to aid employees in their daily commute from Wyszków, Radzymin and Warsaw. For motorists we provide a car park and for cyclists we provide bicycle shelters.

Quad Europe employees have a choice of lunch in the canteen or preparing a meal in our kitchens.

Quad Europe has a dedicated HR area known as the Employee Service Point where information on employment, insurance, vacation, leave, wages and salary can be accessed.

Attractive extras such as additional medical care, insurance and sports membership have been introduced to help meet the needs of all our employees.

Training and development opportunities

Our employees grow with us from their first day. We created an 'on-boarding" program which not only teaches new team members about the company and their respective duties but also introduces them to wider training and development, including our health and safety, quality management (LEAN, KAIZEN) and environmental protection.

Continual improvement is one of the main values at Quad Europe. We not only ensure that our employees have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their job but we also encourage our staff to develop their qualifications and competences. We also encourage employees to apply for internal promotions.