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Local community

Quad Europe comes from humble beginnings and because of this we take our role in the local community very seriously. We are a source of committment and support for our neighbours concerning important issues and will continue this support in the future.

Quad Europe cares about the local community

Cooperation with schools

  • We work closely with neighbouring schools to educate and inspire the printers and print machine operators of tomorrow. Students at vocational schools can learn about the unique and ever-changing industry in which Quad Europe works.
  • We encourage high school students to complete their work experience with us.
  • We actively participate in events organized by local schools and equally organize our own events aimed at pupils such as tours of the production plant, conferences and individual department visits.
  • We organize projects such as the English language competition to inspire creativity and skill development among our young people.
  • We reward the highest school achievers in the English language exam final in Wyszków.

Events support

We support events organised by schools, libraries, social centers, the parish and seniors of the Wyszków community, including:

  • Wyszków Supertalents - Quad Europe’ award in the annual ranking of the Wyszków Culture Center "Hutnik"
  • WOŚP (The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity) Final in Wyszków - co-organization and financial support
  • Wyszkowska Dycha - participation of Quad Europe’ workers in local sporting events

Quad Europe cares about the local community

Developping local business

With more than 1800 employees, Quad Europe is the biggest employer in the region. 53,76% are residents of Wyszków and the surrounding areas.

Amongst our many subcontractors are more than 100 companies which come from the Wyszków district.

Ecology and supporting local institutions

We provide paper to nurseries, schools and cultural institutions in the region.