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Stability is an important source of strength at Quad Europe. The majority of our senior management are long-term employees, profoundly committed to fulfilling the vision created by Harry Quadracci and Tadeusz Winkowski.

Jakub Dyląg

President of Quad Europe

We can leave the future to just happen by itself, but it is much better to imagine what we would like it to be and plan how to get there. Then…just make it happen.

Graduate of the Civil Engineering faculty at Krakow University of Technology and Leon Kozminski Academy in Warsaw (MBA). From 1998 he worked at the Winkowski plant in Radzymin, then became director of the Winkowski plants in Wyszków and Piła. In 2014 he took the position of Executive Director of Quad Europe and in 2017 became the CEO of the company. He considers his greatest achievement to be the brand development of Quad Europe as a supplier of top quality printing services.

Dariusz Tomczak

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Always treat people the same as you want to be treated.

Graduate of the Institute of Printing at the Warsaw University of Technology. In 1998 he joined the Winkowski company as Vice President of Sales, responsible for sales, marketing and purchases of paper. Selected achievements: over tenfold sales increase to over 700 million PLN, launching and managing the largest and most efficient pan-European sales network, and effective relationship building based on confidence, both within the company and with clients and suppliers.

Marek Gruszecki

Vice President of Finances

Business is created by humans for humans, and has to solve their problems and help them in development.

Marek Gruszecki is a graduate of the Foreign Trade faculty at the Warsaw School of Economics and has more than 20 years of professional experience in finance. He joined Quad Europe in 2009 as Vice President of Finances, handling implementation of the financial strategy of the company and supervising financial-accounting, purchasing and compliance teams.

Tomasz Kędziora

Vice President of Administration

We value not only what we do, but also how we do it.

Graduate of the Machine Construction and Management faculty at the Poznan University of Technology and postgraduate studies of Pedagogy and Labor Law. Began work in production in 1998 as an operator and team leader, then Bindery manager (from 2003) and Printing House manager in Piła (from 2008 to 2010). From 2011, as member of the Management Board of the company, he has supervised the work of the HR and Payroll, Health and Safety and the Administration, and has supported the development of shared services for Quad Europe Inc.

Tomasz Hoppe

Printing House Manager in Wyszków

Each and every employee of Quad Europe is just as important, and each deserves respect.

Graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology from the Faculty of Production Engineering in Automation and Robotics (ME). He has worked with QuadWinkowski since 2001. He began as a production engineer in the Radzymin-based Bindery Department, later the Head of Bindery. From 2005 he was responsible for planning and organization of the Bindery Department in Wyszków, over which he eventually became manager. From 2009 he has served as Director of the Printing House in  QuadWinkowski Wyszków. Beyond the obligations arising from the position, he is also in charge of optimizing and standardizing processes.

Jean-Michel Gaffé

General Manager of Marin's, Vice President of QGE In-Store Solutions

We offer our clients a unique platform composed of experts in designing In Store Marketing solutions, supported by a wide variety of industry-leading manufacturing capabilities

Graduate of Economics at the Université de Normandie. Jean-Michel Gaffé has long-term experience in business management. He joined Marin's in 2005 and successfully managed its operations in the European market; he was also an important figure in building the relationship with Quad Europe. After the acquisition of Marin's by Quad Europe in 2015, Jean-Michel was appointed General Manager of Marin's.