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It is because of our commitment to our values that we are able to succeed; we are dedicated to the objectives of the company and its culture because it drives us to succeed.

Circle of Quad Europe values


Promote business growth.
Grow together.
Development = opportunity.

Be creative

Dare to think differently. Make interesting ideas. Search for a better solution. Make informed risks. Think creatively. Exceed expectations.

Be ambitious

Always want more. Aspire to perfection. Invest in yourself. Invest in your environment

Make legitimate choices

Be honest. Be responsible. Be reliable. Play fair. Be loyal. Keep to your word.

Believe and trust

Believe in yourself. Believe in others. Believe that together you can do more. Believe it can always be better. Build confidence.

Make money

Take ownership. Be responsible. Increase company revenue. Secure yourself and your family.

Work for pleasure

Have fun, work hard. Celebrate success. Care for your relationships with others. Enjoy your family and friends.

Believe in people

Respect and help others. Treat each other equally. Build healthy relationships. Share knowledge.