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Compartment displays from Quad Europe

  • Best quality offset and digital print.
  • Customized display components.
  • Advanced, durable and easy-to-install structures.
  • Help in optimizing the product display and costs.
  • Support from our graphic designers and engineers at every stage of the display creation.
  • Prototyping, 3D modeling in order to visualize the final effect.
  • Printing all order volumes, starting from one display.

Product details

  • Product name: Compartment display.
  • Display method: products placed in chambers or compartments.
  • Formats of base and height: virtually any, from small (1/8 pallets) to 1/1 pallet.
  • Material: laminated corrugated cardboard (other materials upon request).
  • Components: base, compartments, partitions, topper, mop foil, side components.
  • Shipping: compact, flat, for self-assembly at POS.
  • Load capacity: up to 300 kg.
  • Installation by: 1 person (technical training not required).
  • Required tools: None (see an example instruction).


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