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Need your marketing campaign launched simultaneously throughout the whole country? Or assurance that your printed materials, displays or mail reach the recipients in several countries at the same time? Trust Quad/Graphics professionals who for years have effectively provided assistance in global distribution for our clients.

Distribution by Quad Graphics

  • Effective coordination of the whole distribution process and close cooperation with the client.
  • Strict monitoring of safety, quality and timeliness of deliveries.
  • Preparation of consignments for distribution always in accordance with local postal or courier market requirements.
  • Effective solutions tailored for the domestic and international market.
  • Optimized distribution costs, by implementing the most effective solutions and selecting the best type and means of transport for a specific order.
  • Comprehensive support at every stage of the process: from concept and printing via storage up to dispatch to your customers around the world.

Did you know?

12 thous.

Throughout 2016 we delivered circa 12,000 freights by land.

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Our rich experience makes us a reliable and professional provider of transport services. A number of technological innovations implemented contribute to even greater efficiency and lower transport costs. We guarantee safe and timely delivery.

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