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Create eye-catching catalogues to boost your brand and showcase your range of products.

Catalogues from Quad Europe

  • Quality Offset printing with competitive prices.
  • Innovative features for product presentation.
  • Customization and special effects to boost sales.
  • Integration of interactive printing technologies.
  • Digital versions compatible accross all devices.
  • Optimization of logistics costs and distribution support throughout Europe.

Product details

Product details

  • Binding and inkjet addressing.
  • Translucent, printed or heat-shrink film application.
  • Integrating offset with digital print and special effects.
  • Production of inserts, panels, tabs, etc. Insertion of samples - e.g. scents or cosmetics.
  • Securing and refining with varnishes (including scented varnishes).
  • Custom in-line printing solutions for catalogues (z-gate, roll-fold, wings, french-door, perforations, die-cutting, customization).
  • Choice of paper according to your needs and your budget (our offers can be tailored to each client).

Print formats

  • A5, A4, A3, A6.
  • square e.g. 195x195, 210x210, 297x297.
  • horizontal e.g. 210x145,297x210, 170x297.

Binding options

  • Wire stitch binding, gluing, or a range of unusual binding options.
  • Loop stitching for binders.
  • Classic lay flat and secure binding.
  • Binding in-line (in-line during production) and off-line.

Did you know?

5 mln

Our maximum print run for catalogs so far is nearly 5 million units.

848 pages

The highest catalog volume produced by us so far was 848 pages.

49 countries

Our catalogs, magazines and advertising gazettes reach customers in 49 countries.


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