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Custom products

Tell your brand story in a unique way and stand out in the world of printing goods. Our dedicated team of specialists will aid you in creating exceptional products to leave your audience in awe.

Custom products from Quad/Graphics

Inspire your clients and make the most of double covers, labels, wrap-ins, unusual perforations as well as textured or scented coatings, strengthening your message and inspiring your customers to find out more about the product, potentially increasing your sales.

Whether you are planning on producing a magazine, journal or cover of a catalog, booklet or simply an ad in a monthly magazine - we’ll do our best to find a unique solution to work flawlessly with your brand and tell its tale in the most interesting and inspiring way.

Experience and top-of-the-line hardware allows us to offer unique non-standard techniques you can easily incorporate into your printing workflow, eliminating the need for working with several subcontractors.


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Mirror effect

Mirror-like foil on a magazine cover page will captivate your customer’s attention even before they reach out for it.

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Holographic covers

Make the covers of special editions of your magazines or catalog really pop out with hundreds of sparkling colours.

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The "Eyelash" Effect

Intriguing ‘eyelashes’ will do a great job of highlighting the femininity of a brand, or work as a colour sampler in a catalog.

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Ad register

Using an ad register for your printed catalog or magazine will definitely make your readers find the ad or a specific page much easier.

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Plastic pop-ups

Enriching your printed ads with materials other than paper will make you stand apart from the competition and allow your customers to easily notice your products.

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Make the most of perforations, allowing your customers to receive customized discount coupons or keep appealing excerpts for the future (i.e. culinary recipes).

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