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Paper cutting

Do you need a non-standard paper size? Paper roll cutting is an ideal solution to reduce paper waste and increase your savings.

Sales and storage of paper at Quad Europe

    • Adjusting the quantity and size to the individual needs of the Client.
    • Express Board – ultra-fast cardboard cutting.
    • Free storage of your paper for 30 days.
    • Short production time.
    • Minimal waste in the cutting process.

Service details

  • Paper and cardboard cutting within 45-550 gsm range.
  • Minimum final paper sheet size of 340mm x 400mm.
  • Maximum final paper sheet sizes: 2200mm x 1600mm/ 1450mm x 1800mm.
  • Width range of the cut paper roll: 400mm – 2200 m.
  • Maximum diameter of the cut paper roll: up to 1650mm.
  • Maximum weight of the cut paper roll: up to 3000kg.

Did you know?

13 thous. tonnes

Per month our printing house uses circa 1,3000 tonnes of paper - this equates to the weight of over two thousand African elephants.

160 thous.

For our clients, Quad Europe orders paper of approximately 160 thousand tonnes per year in total - this is equates to the weight of nearly 16 Eiffel Towers.

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