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Jacek Majewski

HR specialist

Jacek heads the recruitment processes for positions in both production and administration. He is also responsible for the onboarding of new employees, participating in job fairs and implementation of company-wide projects. In his free time, Jacek likes to bake something sweet and use up all of that energy at the gym. He is also a fan of civil aviation and air travel, known for his numerous visits to the airports and infinite number of photos.

Ewa Stadnik

HR specialist

Ewa is a long-term HR team member at Quad/Graphics. Ewa is responsible for recruiting for the production team, onboarding new employees, presenting the company during the job fairs and meetings with students, as well as other employer-branding activities. During her spare time, Ewa enjoys hiking in the woods and various other outdoorsy activities.

Kinga Turek

HR Assistant

Kinga has worked for Quad/Graphics for several years. She is currently responsible for language training for employees and recruitment for production jobs. She likes to spend her free time actively - running, cycling tours or trekking through the mountains are her favourite forms of relaxation.

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